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Why Micro Enterprise Solutions?

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Expertise: Our engineers have, on average, 15 - 25+ years' experience in their perspective fields and in the MSP space

Attentiveness: Listening to you, the customer, to understand your needs. This prevents implementing impractical, inefficient solutions that not only don't meet your business needs but end up becoming increasingly more costly over time. MES wants to deliver the solutions that fit your business, not forcing your business to fit our solutions

Competency: Making sure your business-critical systems are setup, configured and maintained properly, right from the start, which will prevent nagging issues, continuous downtime and costly service calls.

Honesty: Micro Enterprise Solutions is an “Ethical” MSP.

  • We don’t oversell to meet quotas or advance partnership levels with a solutions partner, MES always puts the client's best interest first.

  • If MES contracts with you a specific level service tech or engineer, that is exactly what you'll get. 

Loyalty: All our contracts are month-to-month so MES will continue to earn your business, one day at a time... We will never take you for granted because we are looking to partner with you, not just bill you!

Right-sized support team: Micro Enterprise Solutions won’t understaff our support staff or overload our support staff with underqualified techs.

Our support staff consists of mostly engineers, which is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Better ticket management

  • Quicker response times

  • Ability to resolve issues faster, usually remotely, without having to constantly escalate

Convenience: At MES we are always striving to improve our clients support experience by taking your feedback and putting it into action! 

  • We implemented a way to give our clients the ability to schedule their own support time and, if they so choose, pick the tech they want to work with.

  • We implemented a dedicated support channel strictly for resetting passwords and supporting all things user account related... No more long wait times for simple password resets!

  • Microsoft 365 and Google cloud test environments, where we test and confirm changes in our environment before implementing them into yours.






Client Satisfaction

Micro Enterprise Solutions follows the “PCS” method - Personalized Client Support. We know every client’s needs are different so we can personalize your support package to fit your specific needs. We make sure that our staff familiarizes themselves with your infrastructure and we appoint one engineer as a dedicated site lead.

A client is more than just a contract to us, they are a partner; a partner that we strive to foster communication, confidence, and most of all… trust!

So, are you truly confident that your business-critical systems are optimally setup to properly fit your needs as well as being able to protect your business from current and future threats like the ever-evolving crypto virus?

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