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Why Micro Enterprise Solutions?

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Expertise: Our team of engineers are highly qualified and experienced in their respective domains and in the MSP industry. They have been working in this field for an average of 15 to 25 years or more, and they have the skills and knowledge to handle any challenge or project. We are proud of our engineering talent and the value they bring to our clients.

Attentiveness: We believe that attentiveness is the key to providing effective and tailored solutions for our customers. By listening to you and understanding your needs, we avoid wasting time and resources on solutions that do not match your business goals. Our aim is to deliver solutions that fit your business, not the other way around. MES is committed to finding the best solutions for you.

Competency: Competency is the ability to perform a task or function effectively and efficiently. In the context of business-critical systems, competency means ensuring that these systems are properly installed, configured and maintained from the beginning, so that they can operate reliably and securely, without causing frequent problems, interruptions or expensive repairs.

Honesty: At Micro Enterprise Solutions, we value honesty and integrity in our work as an MSP. We don't try to sell you more than what you need or compromise our quality standards to please our partners. We always prioritize your best interest and satisfaction.

When you hire us, you can trust that you will receive the service level and expertise that we promised. We don't cut corners or substitute our staff with less qualified ones. We deliver what we say we will.

Commitment: We value your trust and satisfaction, so we offer flexible contracts that you can cancel anytime... Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with you, not just charge you fees! You can count on us to always deliver quality service and support.

Right-sized support team: At Micro Enterprise Solutions, we value quality over quantity when it comes to our support team. That's why most of our support staff are engineers who can handle complex technical issues with ease.  Some of the advantages of having a right-sized support team of engineers are:

  • Improved ticket management: Our engineers can prioritize and categorize tickets based on their urgency and difficulty, ensuring that no issue is left unresolved or overlooked.

  • Faster response times: Our engineers can communicate effectively with customers and provide clear and concise solutions in a timely manner, reducing frustration and downtime. 

  • Higher resolution rates: Our engineers can troubleshoot and fix most problems remotely, without having to escalate them to higher levels or send technicians on-site, saving time and money for both parties.

Convenience: We are always looking for ways to enhance our support service for our clients at MES. That's why we listen to your feedback and act on it!

  • We have introduced a new feature that allows you to book your own support time and choose the technician you want to work with, if you have a preference.

  • We created a separate support channel for password resets and user account issues, so you don't have to wait long for simple tasks.

  • We have also set up Microsoft 365 and Google cloud test environments, where we can verify the changes we make in our environment before applying them to yours.






Client Satisfaction

At Micro Enterprise Solutions, we adhere to our ethos of “PCS” - Personalized Client Support. We acknowledge the unique needs of each client and adapt our support package accordingly. Our team is not only proficient in comprehending your infrastructure but also in identifying your specific needs. To streamline communication, we assign a single engineer as your primary liaison. We perceive our clients not merely as contracts, but as partners - partners whom we appreciate for their open communication, unwavering confidence, and trusted relationship.

You may have invested a lot of time and resources in your business-critical systems, but are you sure they are tailored to your specific needs and goals? And more importantly, are you confident they can withstand the latest and emerging threats, such as the sophisticated crypto virus that can encrypt and lock your data? 

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