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Cloud Services

The current trend has businesses moving data, applications or other business elements to a cloud computing environment. Whether it's just a productivity cloud solution or full cloud hosting of key infrastructure services, choosing the right company to partner with is critical to properly choose, plan, architect, migrate, implement and manage the solution. Partnering with the wrong company could not only cause extended outages to full blown data loss, but could cost your organization to take a significant financial hit. Let our experts work with you to not only help identify the proper solution that fits your company, but to successfully accomplish the full migration and implementation cycle. 

Backup Service

Whether you are installing a primary backup solution or expanding an existing one with an additional target or repository, our solutions powered by Veeam and/or Datto, provides a remote, secure, cloud-based storage destination for new and existing infrastructures

Cloud Consultation

Micro Enterprise Solutions can help you devise your cloud strategy which will ensure your path to the cloud is right for YOU. We will work closely with you to identify your unique cloud computing needs that will have the highest ROI for your organization. We can either work with your staff to implement the solution or we can take on the full project to implement your solution and assure that it performs exactly how it was designed.

Disaster Recovery

A business can't live on backup alone... One of the most vulnerable assets in the event of a disaster is your data. A disaster can be initiated by nature, a hacker or even simple human error. Micro Enterprise Solutions has the expertise to help mitigate these risk factors using a combination of 25+ years of experience along with leveraging products built by Veeam and Datto to make sure your data is readily available when you need it.

Productivity Cloud

Looking for a cloud-based productivity suite? Whether you choose to go with Microsoft 365 or Google G Suite, Micro Enterprise Solutions expertise in this space can assist you with your implementation, migration, rollout and/or management. Both options have a full suite of productivity tools like an office suite, email client, work chat, storage and so on. 

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