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Micro Enterprise Solutions

Outsourced IT support for small to mid-sized businesses!

We provide small to mid-sized businesses, school districts and government agencies with 24/7 unlimited world-class IT support, powerful cyber security, and system stabilization at a fraction of the cost so you can focus on your day-to-day without stressing about technology issues!

Let us help you: 

  • Navigate the ever-changing technology landscape.

  • Lower your technology costs.

  • Maximize your "uptime".

  • Keep your network and data safe and secure.

  • Maximize your ROI.

  • Achieve peace of mind!


Your business deserves better!

Call now to discuss our solutions.
Your business will thank you!


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Why Micro Enterprise Solutions?

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Our Story

A New Approach

Emphasizing relationship building over sales

Micro Enterprise Solutions was conceived by engineers, support agents, account managers and sales people that have an average of 25+ years’ experience in this space, who worked for other MSPs and knew that we could offer a better product and a superior customer experience.

We are the future of MSPs! We don't prioritize profits, instead we prioritize relationship building and delivering superior service at a fair price. We listen to YOU the customer to implement the solutions that fits your business, not forcing your business to fit our solutions.

The New Normal

Today’s workforce is no longer confined to an office. Whether it's a business or a school, today’s workforce has been extended outwards. The “New Office” or “New Workforce” is now a hybrid environment that has employees working both in the office and remotely. This new decoupled workforce introduces many new challenges when trying to manage, maintain, support, and secure these devices. 

According to an annual report on global cyber security, there were a total of 304 million ransomware attacks worldwide in 2020. This was a 62 percent increase from a year prior and the second highest figure since 2016. This figure nearly doubled in 2021 and is up 20% so far in 2022. 


A traditional, set location, where employees get a workspace to use either full or part-time to access company resources. A common issue that we see with most companies is allowing their employees to use company resources for personal use, whether it’s checking personal email on a company computer or allowing their mobile device to use the production WIFI, this practice can greatly increase a company's vulnerability. Micro Enterprise Solutions can help you to create a safe environment that optimally functions.

Office Space


One thing that the pandemic changed was businesses allowing more employees to work remotely from their place of residence. While many are returning to the office, there are still employees that work remotely. In many cases, these remote users use a VPN to access company data. While this does allow the employee more freedom, it introduces new risks to your place of business. Since many home environments are not set up to be secure, viruses can use that VPN tunnel to “backdoor” into your place of business. Micro Enterprise Solutions can help to mitigate these risks by leveraging years of cyber security experience and expertise.

Working at Home
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What Seperates us from ther MSPs
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What Separates us from other MSPs

Micro Enterprise Solutions can offer our clients a superior level of service, support and customer experience at a price point that is far below the industry standard by following a few simple rules:

1) Expertise: Our engineers have on average, 15 - 25+ years' experience in their perspective fields and in this space.

2) Competency: Making sure your business-critical systems are setup and configured properly, right from the start, which will prevent nagging issues, continuous downtime and costly service calls.  

3) Attentiveness: Listening to you, the customer, to understand your needs. This prevents implementing impractical, inefficient solutions that not only don't meet your business needs, but end up becoming a "money pit".

4) Respect: We will continue to earn your business; we will never take you for granted!  With Micro Enterprise Solutions you will get exactly what was promised. If we contract with you a level 1,2, 3 tech or a senior engineer… that is exactly what you'll get.

5) Loyalty: We believe that relationship building is more profitable than making as many sales as we can while we have you as a customer, we are looking to partner with you not just bill you!

Whether we are partnering on a single project or joining your family, Micro Enterprise Solutions is about delivering on the promise!




So, are you truly confident that your business-critical systems are optimally setup to properly fit your needs as well as being able to protect your business from current and future threats like the ever-evolving crypto virus?

Quote and Partners

"Well done is better than well said"

-Benjamin Franklin

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